The sole purpose of guttering/spouting is to collect rainwater from the roof and disperse it through the downpipes into the drains and away from the property. Blocked guttering will not allow the free flow of water.

Gutter and spouting cleaning is a task that should be part of regular home maintenance. Every home will eventually accumulate sludge and debris in the gutters and will require clearing and flushing out periodically. Failure to do so can cause serious issues:

  • Full gutters and blocked down pipes can result in blocked underground drainage which leads to costly drain servicing. Blocked rains can become full of stagnant water which need to be avoided.
  • There is the possibility of water leaking inside walls leading to a rotting house frame, damage to Gib Board and even floor coverings.
  • Rotting Barge Boards and deteriorating soffit.
  • Iron gutters/spouting may rust and need repair or replacement which can be very expensive.
  • Unsightly visible growth of grasses, weeds etc.

Thousands of homes throughout the UK are damp, cold and have mildew build-up contributing to various and serious health issues. Clean free-flowing gutters will assist in maintaining a drier, healthier home and can also extend the life of your gutters by many years.

Whilst checking and cleaning house gutters and spouting, Maxy Domestics can also advise home owners of other water issues relating to their roof or guttering.

Examples of our work carried out..